Ecovacs T8 and T5: Which Is Better for Your Home?

Ecovacs is known to have the world’s most advanced robot vacuums, always  innovating with cleaning robotics, cleaning your home fast, all the  while avoiding the common items that may (or may not) be reached by your  standard vacuum. But their latest products, the Deebot Ozmo T8 AIVI and the Deebot Ozmo T5  plan on setting a new standard in AI-driven floor cleaning leaving only  one question — Which one is the one for your home and wallet?

Let’s start with the $799 Deebot Ozmo T8 AIVI. The more  expensive of the two, the T8 AIVI features simultaneous vacuuming and  mopping with advanced laser-based home mapping, object identification  and avoidance, and remote monitoring that brings peace of mind to  homeowners. Equipped with the company’s TrueMapping laser mapping and  navigation based on advanced DToF sensor and AIVI (Artificial  Intelligence and Visual Interpretation) technology featuring a  high-performance AI chipset and camera module. This translates to a  smart, thorough cleaning process.

Here are a view features of the T8 AIVI:

Advanced Cleaning

  • 2-in-1 Vacuuming and Mopping: The Deebot Ozmo T8 AIVI can  simultaneously vacuum and mop to remove up to 99.26% of bacteria on  floors
  • Carpet Boost and Suction: This advanced Robotic Vacuum Cleaner (RVC)  utilizes 3 levels of suction power to tackle any mess put in front of  it, automatically increasing suction power by 2x when transitioning from  a hard floor surface to carpet.

Advanced Navigation + Mapping

  • TrueMapping: T8 AIVI efficiently navigates and maps your home on  your Ecovacs Home app using the most advanced laser and DToF sensor  technology. With this advancement, detection distance is increased by  2X, and detection accuracy of small objects is increased by 4X over  previous models. The interactive map gives users the ability to choose  how and where they want to clean and monitor. Utilize unlimited virtual  boundaries, area mode, and custom mode to clean specific areas/rooms or  to avoid others.
  • Virtual Boundary Advisor: This advanced feature identifies areas in  the home environment that can cause the robot to be frequently stuck. It  can proactively advise on setting up virtual boundaries to avoid those  areas in the future.
  • Missed Area Notification: With objects on the floor, robots can  sometimes miss areas during cleaning. After each cleaning, AIVI will  send a notification to the user with details of which areas were missed  during the last cleaning cycle and invites the user to remove identified  obstacles. Once the obstacles are removed, the user can send the robot  back to clean only those areas missed in one tap.

In my testing of the T8 AIVI, not only has it been able to quickly  navigate our apartment after two initial mapping sessions, but the  integrated sensor is the first in any vacuum that’s been able to figure  out distinct parts of my apartment that no other vacuum could tackle.

For instance, our living room has two couches that sit in an L  formation but are not connected, and there is a bookcase that sits  between them. Other robot vacuum cleaners would attempt to under the  couches, but when they stumbled upon the bookcase continuously try to go  through it, rather than around it. With the T8 AIVI being so precise,  it navigates to the edge of the couch and when it notices that the  obstacle is in its way, it manages to go around it on one side, and then  the other cleaning where it can. This extends to other awkwardly placed  items in my home like Sparky’s dog bowl, and the chairs at our Kitchen  Island that have rounded edges.

The T8 AIVI does have vacuum AND mopping functions which are great  for kitchen floors and even hardwood floors, but just bear in mind you  cannot add a solution to the chamber.

The 240ml water tank for mopping allows for 100 minutes of mopping  covering more than 2,000 square feet of flooring. With an apartment  that’s a little more than half that size I couldn’t do fact-checking  that as my home consists of both carpet and hardwood, but I’ll take  their word for it. I would assume if you have a home, that the 5200mAh  Lithium-Ion Battery will clean your home both carpet and hard surface  with ease.

Most importantly, the T8 AIVI automatically avoids carpets when  mopping so you never have to worry about damp or soiled carpet when you  return home after cleaning.

If you have shedding pets as we do, or a family member who  inexplicably leaves hair in places you could never imagine, the  including mopping pad will get pretty dusty quick. With our dog leaving  micro hairs everywhere, I noticed the included mopping pad would get  dirty rather quickly, so as a precaution I suggest sweeping your hard  surfaces BEFORE mopping to avoid dragging dirt from one end of your home  to the other on the pad. Despite this, the T8 AIVI will clean for over  three hours before needing to return back to its docking station.

The main difference between the T8 AIVI and the T5, however, would be  the T8 AIVI’s ability to monitor your home with its live video stream  capabilities. This comes in handy when you’re out of the home and want  to know exactly where the vacuum is cleaning, but if you’re attempting  to capture the kids arriving home, or as a security system, you won’t  really see much. This works through the Ecovacs Home App, which is  constantly updated with bug fixes.

The $549 Deebot T5 might lack the camera and the ability to identify  objects, but it still comes with all of the tangibles that you’d get  from the T8 AIVI including the ability to top and vacuum — but at a  fraction of the price. Both still promise to remove 99.26% of bacteria  from floors, which is nice, especially for someone who’s allergic to  dust mites.