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There is a bit of stress going on today. With 40+ hours work weeks and fast food diets.

The extra weight did not magically appear overnight and it is probable not going away overnight.

The first thing you will need to do is pretty simple really. Just stay away from junk food. Mainly foods that do not have a health benefit.

Foods that are high in sugar are the main things. Namely goodies, munchies or what ever cute name you have for them, I call them crap.

Sodium or salt as it is called, is not good for you in high doses. Sodium retains water and can make you heavier than you really are.

Adjust your eating habits from three times a day to five times. You are probable thinking how will I lose weight if I eat more often.

The fact is you need to have smaller portions more frequently. This eliminate the between meal snacking and will also kick the metabolism into high gear.

It will also provide the metabolism with the fuel it needs to burn calories, because it does take fuel to burn stored up calories. Starvation diets do not work for this very reason.

Start a moderate exercise program. Start slow and add time and intensity as you are ready.

Going for a run or playing tennis is okay if you are energetic but if you want a more casual exercise program that is fine also.

Go for a nice brisk walk or park an exercise bike in front of the T.V., watch your favorite show while you exercise, multitask.

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